Bump Report - 36 Weeks-2

The Bump Report – McBaby II – 36 Weeks with Placenta Previa

You guys… tomorrow is C-Section day! Tomorrow, I will finally get to meet my baby boy!



Before I begin, if you didn’t read my previous post, the short story is that I’ve been in the hospital for the past month, all because my rebellious placenta* decided to attach itself too close to my cervix.

*Rebellious placenta is not a medical term. I made it up. But I kind of think it should be!

There were times I thought we’d never get here, emotionally or physically. After two weeks in the hospital, I had two back-to-back smaller bleeding episodes that had me worrying McBaby II would be coming even earlier than planned.

But you know what? We made it! There was a lot of prayer and tears involved… but we made it!

I owe many of you for helping me get here. To the friends and family that texted me daily, emailed me, sent/bought me treats and offered encouragement, you don’t even know how much you helped an emotional, hot mess of a preggo. You know who you are. 😉 To my  in-laws that came to help every weekend and my mom for coming once, then back again last week and tackling the full page baby-prep to-do list I handed her last Thursday – thank you. To my neighbors who cooked dinners and helped Brad with Miles, thank you. For all of you that offered to do anything you could, thank you. My thank you’s don’t feel like enough, but know they come from the bottom of my heart!

IMG_0323  IMG_0056 IMG_0324

To my boss, management team, and co-workers, your understanding in this situation was everything. I am so lucky to work for an amazing company that allowed me not just to work virtually over the last month, but checked in regularly and constantly said “You’re the priority. Take care of the baby.” That bit of normalcy saved my sanity, and I think it’s a rare thing to find in corporate America. <3

Finally, a whole paragraph must be dedicated to my husband. Brad bent over backwards to make me happy in any way he could. He rearranged his life and his schedule to bring Miles to visit me daily. He seriously did it all: taking care of Miles all by himself (and really well, I might add), all while working and keeping our life running smoothly.  He painted the nursery. He put together the crib. He listened to my cry more times that I’m proud to admit. He was seriously unstoppable and he never ever complained. Brad, I can’t even tell you how grateful I am. YOU made this possible. You got us through it. Your positivity and good attitude were what kept me afloat. I owe you a lot of sleep-ins and diaper changes. And maybe a #1 Dad mug. You want a mug? 😉


I plan to write a separate post dedicated a little more to Placenta Previa, especially for the other mommies out there who are going through it. But I wanted to use this post as a way to update my family and friends and do one last Bump Report for my little sweet boy at 36 weeks. He’s been my 24/7 company for the past month, and I seriously can’t wait to meet him. <3

So… one more time:

How far along? 36 weeks tomorrow!

How big? At 34 weeks, he was measuring at 6 lbs, 8 oz. They’re thinking he’ll be in the 7 lb range. 89th percentile… because that’s how Brad and I grow ’em. 😉

Baby is the size of: A crenshaw melon? Ha… the writer of this pregnancy app obviously only shops at The Grocery Store of Rare Fruit. But let’s just go with a full size watermelon, because that’s how I feel. My baby boy is giant, and I had a guy in the cafeteria yesterday approach me and ask when I was due because I “look ready to pop.” He didn’t look convinced when I said technically, I had four weeks to go. I had to laugh…  that was the first time this pregnancy! 😉


Maternity clothes? Yes. But I’m ready for non-maternity clothes again. While wearing elastic waistbands 24/7 has its perks, I’ll admit I’ve been obsessively shopping eyeing the fall styles and drooling in my spare time. And the Nordstrom Sale is basically torturing me! #NSale

Words to live by, friends:


Sleep: Sleeping while pregnant sucks. Sleeping in the hospital while pregnant really sucks. Add in a busy brain, and it’s the perfect storm of insomnia. But I’ll just assume this is my body training for the marathon, in which I’ll have a two-year-old and a newborn and I’ll never sleep again.


Top moment of the week: Our friends brought their new puppy to the hospital to meet us this weekend, and it truly brightened our day. Miles was so happy, and seeing his excitement and smiles made my last Sunday in captivity so much better! Look how handsome these three guys are! 🙂

FullSizeRender(1) IMG_0284

What I’m missing? FREEDOM! Miles. Having full conversations with Brad. My bed. Anything other than hospital food. The outside air. Not having an IV. So… a lot. 🙂

Movement: So much! Sometimes I feel like he’s trying to karate chop his way out!

Food cravings: Skyline Chili! So random! Also, lots of sweets: candy and baked goods. French toast and pancakes. And chocolate – alllll the chocolate!


Food aversions: HOSPITAL FOOD (with the exception of breakfast).

Bump-o-Vision: I like to call this stage, “If I drop something, it’s staying there.” I bent down to hug Miles the other day and had to have Brad help me back up. But it was worth it for that sweet little hug. <3


Happy or Moody: Happy. I have some anxiety and every now and then I get emotional. But I know how blessed I am. If living on the high risk floor for a month has taught me anything, it’s that it could be much, much worse.


Looking forward to: Meeting my sweet baby on Wednesday, seeing Miles meet him for the first time, and watching Brad become a daddy of two. 🙂


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