Bump Report - 32 Weeks

The Bump Report – McBaby II – 32 Weeks with Placenta Previa

Life sure has a mind of its own sometimes, doesn’t it? I’ll start this post with a disclaimer: McBaby II and I are happy and healthy, but we are writing this post from a hospital bed. Here we are, at 32 weeks… taken from my hospital bathroom, where I will most likely reside for the next week (if not longer). It is not a glamorous shot… but as we all know, little about pregnancy is. šŸ™‚


Here’s the scoop: At my 31 week ultrasound, I found out that my previously diagnosed Placenta Previa was still presenting an issue, as my placenta hadn’t budged and was lying near, or possibly over my cervix. My doctor referred me to another office for a detailed ultrasound to see how much of my cervix was actually being covered by my placenta.

A short explanation of Placenta Previa is that my placenta, which is the baby’s blood source, is covering my cervix and could rupture if my cervix starts to dilate at all. I knew that I was to watch for bleeding, which is a common trait of the condition. I hadn’t had any bleeding yet, which I guess is rare… however, all that changed on Thursday night.

While sitting on the couch around 9 p.m,, feeling nothing out of the ordinary at all up to that point, I felt a gush that made me think my water was breaking or I was peeing my pants. I ran to the bathroom to discover an alarming amount of bleeding. I screamed for Brad to call someone to stay with Miles (sleeping obliviously upstairs) and 911. He did both, and my mommy bff, Alex, was there within minutes, holding me tightly as I hysterically sobbed and, from my point of view, hemorrhaged into the toilet.

I was sure I was losing the baby.

Once in the ambulance, I felt a twitch of movement and then another and a bit of the hysteria subsided. I went from thinking my baby was gone to thinking I was going to be delivering him that night, at 32 weeks.

None of that was the case. Once at the hospital, we found my baby to be happy and healthy, and the bleeding slowly stopped. I was bleeding because of the Previa, but because it stopped on his own and the baby was stable, they admitted me, hooked me up to an IV and fetal monitor, and put me on bed rest. I ended one of the scariest nights of my life exhausted and emotional, fearful for my baby and pretty sure I’d be spending the next 5 weeks in the hospital, away from Miles and Brad and home. šŸ™ I was given the first dose of a steroid shot to speed up the development of the baby’s lungs in the case of an emergency c-section, and spent the night in Labor & Delivery.

The detailed ultrasound the next day revealed a Complete Placenta Previa, pretty much guaranteeing me a c-section at or before 37 weeks. However, the doctor said she was encouraged by the fact that this was my first time experiencing bleeding, when many women experience it at 19 or 20 weeks with my condition. She told me that typically, they give you 3 episodes of bleeding before they decide to deliver the baby. So the first being at 32 weeks gave me a better chance of keeping little man cooking longer. The second piece of good news is that my placenta was not attached to my uterine wall in any abnormal way (other than where it was attached) so that wouldn’t complicate things at all. And finally, that the baby was healthy and seemingly unaffected by any of the chaos going on around him.

I’ve had no bleeding since that episode, and am waiting to see my doctor on Monday, but every other doctor I’ve spoken to has said that if I do not experience any other bleeding, I may be released to go home after about a week for bed or couch rest. While I’d love to go home, we are a bit concerned about having another bleeding episode… but at least I know a little more about what to expect this time. However, if bleeding does occur again, I will most likely find myself back in the hospital for the duration of my pregnancy.

Also, I can pretty much count on a c-section at 36 or 37 weeks… anything later than that will put the baby in danger. And of course, I am willing to do anything I can to keep my baby safe.

Miles has been an absolute angel, handling his mommy being away and unable to lift him or walk with him like a champ. He comes to see me daily and he sits in my bed and watches YouTube and eats treats with me in bed. šŸ™‚ Brad has been amazing, again stepping up to the plate and being so strong for me when I felt like falling apart.

I can’t even go into the outpouring of love from family and friends. It has been immense and has lifted me up when I needed it most. I’m seriously tearing up just thinking about it. And the hospital staff at Riverside Hospital has been amazing. The nurses and doctors have been so wonderful and attentive. I’m so lucky to be in such talented hands.

I’m hoping to make it to 37 weeks, but am leaving it in God’s hands that things will go exactly as they are meant to, and that my littlest man is as strong as his older bro and daddy.

Here’s what my 32 weeks is looking like these days… a little different from the last 31, but still good. šŸ™‚

How far along? 32 weeks. When I realized I have 4.5 (or maybe less?) weeks to go, I almost peed my pants (which wouldn’t be that shocking these days).


How big? We found out at my ultrasound that baby is 5 lbs 8 oz already, in the 88th percentile. šŸ™‚ My app tells me he should be 3.75 lbs, just to put that into context for you. Brad and I are pros at making big, chubby babies (and I kind of love it)! šŸ™‚ And in light of current circumstances, it makes me feel better that he’s got some extra fat to keep him safe when he joins us a bit early. šŸ™‚

Baby is the size of: According to my app, he’s the size of a large jicama. So my baby is the size of an extra-large jicama. And what the hell is a jicama, anyway?

Maternity clothes? Maybe we should just change this question to “are you still wearing pants?” and the answer would be “as little as possible.” I now have an excuse to wear pj pants and leggings 24/7. I guess bed rest has some perks. šŸ˜‰

pants reluctant

Sleep: Sleeping in a hospital is no joke. They’re doing their best they can to keep me comfortable and Brad brought my Snoogle. But things are getting really sore from all the sitting… as if sleeping when pregnant wasn’t challenging enough!

getting up

Top moment of the week: Honestly, so many.Feeling my baby’s kicks when I thought I was losing him. Emotional conversations between Brad and I about how much we love him already. Seeing Miles light up for the first time when he saw me, and hearing him say, “Hi mommy!” immediately followed by “Baby Bro!” and giving my tummy a pat. Hearing good news after a whole lot of bad. I have so much to be thankful for. (AND cue more tears.)

What Iā€™m missing? Oh you know… being able to walk around. See outside. Sleep in my bed. Lift Miles. But at least I don’t have to put on bug spray to avoid Zyka (silver lining?).

Movement: Littlest Boy is as active as ever. He gives the nurses a run for their money when they try to monitor him during the day. šŸ™‚

baby movement

Food cravings: I’m really digging cinnamon right now. I’ve eaten french toast every morning I’ve been here (another perk of my hospital stay: room service, even if it is hospital food) and am about to dominate a cinnamon roll the size of my head. My appetite has subsided a bit, I think just because of nerves and a change in routine, but I have a feeling it will pick up soon. My big boy demands to be fed. šŸ™‚


Food aversions: I’m not really turned off by anything. I just get full faster.


Bump-o-vision: I like to call this stage “So long, toes. See you next month!”


Happy or Moody: I’m happy. Worried and stressed? Of course. But things have gotten brighter with every day that has passed. I know it’s all going to be ok!

Looking forward to: Seeing Miles as a big brother – he understands so much more than I even realized about the situation and is giving so many signs that he’s going to he amazing.

Also, getting the nursery finished, which might happen a little differently than planned but will probably be even more special. <3

And finally, meeting my baby boy, who is so strong and so tough. I can’t wait to finally lay my eyes on his sweet face.

Sending lots of love and thanks to all of you from Brad, Melissa, Miles and McBaby II. <3

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