Bump Report - 13 Weeks

The Bump Report – McBaby II – 13 Weeks (The Gender Reveal!)


Brad, Miles and I sat in the ultrasound room, anxiously waiting as the ultrasound tech tried to determine the gender. Actually, I should say that Brad and I were anxiously waiting. Miles was happier than he’d ever been, playing with all the toys and books that were in the corner of the room.

He has no concept of what is happening, and couldn’t care less. When I ask, “Where’s the baby,” he points to his own belly. We’ll get there. 😉

Anyways, our little McBaby II was actually quite cooperative, but the umbilical cord was not. It had landed right between his legs and wouldn’t budge. We were trying everything… I was drinking sugary beverages, cold water and jumping up and down (Miles joined me – he thought that was fun)!

Finally… after lots of jumping and moving, the cord moved and the tech said, “I thought I saw something under there…


To be honest, I really thought I was having a girl this time. When I was pregnant with Miles, I didn’t have any “feelings” on which it would be, so I thought this was a sure sign that my intuition was right this time.

I was wrong, but I wasn’t disappointed in the slightest. I happen to know that Brad and I make the sweetest baby boys ever, and I simply cannot wait to meet my little angel boy!

I also can’t wait to watch Miles become a big brother… the best in the history of big brothers, I bet. 😉

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