The Bump Report – McBaby I – Is this just a fluke?

My dear McBaby,

We’ll it’s week 5 and I’ll admit…I’m having a hard time believing you’re really in there. It’s weird. My stomach looks no fatter.  I can’t feel you in there.  I don’t necessarily FEEL different…well, other than a bout of drastic mood swings that has your daddy terrified of me. Oh and God, I’m emotional. The sappy commercials seem to get me every time.  But otherwise, things don’t feel much different physically, though in reality EVERYTHING is different.

Yet…you’re in there. Apparently, just the size of an apple seed (I read that somewhere), but definitely there, nonetheless. I’m doing my best to be healthy for you. I’ve cut out coffee (holy crap, that’s been a challenge. Perhaps that’s to blame for my mood swings). I try to drink a spinach smoothie every morning…because…well, spinach does a body good…or something.  I’ve tried not to jostle you around too much. I’ve stopped Insanity, because I have a feeling Sean T. isn’t baby friendly.  We’ll pick that up when you’re out in the real world…you can watch and cheer me on.  🙂

I would say your daddy has  adjusted to the news. It took him a few days, but one day he asked how ” his baby” was doing, and I knew it had set in. He didn’t know just how unbelievably sweet I found that moment to be (it’s amazing I didn’t cry, old waterworks over here). I have a distinct feeling I’m going to fall more and more in love with him as you get bigger.  And here I didn’t think I could love that man anymore than I already do.

People like to guess what I’m having…many say you will be a boy. I have no feelings whatsoever…I actually don’t care what you are. I just want a healthy baby. And God, I used to HATE HATE HATE when people said that, but now I get it.  I have a feeling I’ll be eating a lot of words as I become a mommy, but I’m ok with that.  🙂

That’s all for now. Just keep growing, McBaby!  Grow on!

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