Bump Report - 11 Weeks

The Bump Report – McBaby II – 11 Weeks

Dear McBaby 2,

I saw you today… I saw your perfect little hands (two of them!) and the outline of your perfect little fingers, resting peacefully near your perfect little face. I saw your heart beating and the distinct two halves of your brain.

You’re my second baby, but I’m still just as amazed that I’m growing such a tiny, perfect little miracle.

Note: As a copywriter, I would typically cringe over my overuse of the word “perfect”  in this post. But this time… I don’t care. There is no better word. 🙂

You are just 11 weeks and 1 day old. Part of me feels like it’s been forever since I stood in the bathroom two days after Christmas, hand shaking as I looked at plus sign on that pregnancy test muttering “No way. No freaking way.”

But there was very much a way… proven by that test and the two others that followed. 🙂

Your daddy was happy. Really happy! I woke him up from a nap to tell him the news, and he didn’t even care. 🙂 And once I recovered from my shock, I was happy too!

Now my mind is filled with questions. How will you be similar to your brother? How will you be different? Please, please sleep as well as he did. I beg of you! Will you be a big baby? How will you look?

I have fears, of course. Not overwhelming fears but worries that any second time mom would have. Thoughts like, “OH MY GOD, HOW AM I GOING TO HANDLE TWO KIDS AND A FULL-TIME JOB?” or “WILL I EVER HAVE TIME TO SHOWER OR CLEAN MY HOUSE AGAIN?”

I’ll let you know what I come up with. 🙂

I’m a few weeks away from the second trimester, and from finding out you are a boy or girl. Then the nausea will lessen, the exhaustion will lift and I can start shopping!

I can hardly wait to watch you grow over the next 7 months… and I can’t wait to see your sweet face on (or before… let’s shoot for before) August 31, 2016.

Mommy loves you!

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