The Bump Report – McBaby I – 36 Weeks

Dear McBaby,

In 4 weeks (maybe less!) I will finally get to meet you.  Honestly, I’m getting impatient! 🙂 I’m dying to know what you look like…whether you have my nose or your daddy’s, what color your eyes are, and how much hair you have (you’re bound to have some – both of your parents have a strong head of hair)! 40 weeks is a long time to wait…I think we’re both ready for our first meeting (especially since you seem to be trying to kick your way out)! 😉

Hurry, little one. I’m anxious to get my hands on you…and also, I’m getting a little tired of waddling. 😉




Yes, it’s true! I’m 36 weeks!  With only 4 weeks to go, reality is setting in FAST.  Our living room is filled with baby gear, the nursery is complete, and I’ve quickly crossed the line from being “functional pregnant” to “the size of my giant belly dictates my life.”

My baby shower came and went, and I will eventually post pictures of the yummy food, gorgeous decorations, and delicious treats.  McBaby wasn’t just showered…he was poured on.  The generosity of our friends and family had me choked up every time I tried to talk about it.  By the end of it all, my baby boy was set.  He has everything he needs, as long as his mommy and daddy can figure out how to use it all!  🙂

I was a woman possessed trying to finish the nursery before our shower (we hosted the shower at our house).  Poor Brad spent one Friday evening hanging shelves and applying wall decals until 12 AM. And other than a few comments about how his Friday nights had drastically changed since his college days, he didn’t actually seem to mind that much!  😉  I’m totally in love with McBaby’s room…it turned out exactly as I envisioned and I couldn’t be happier!  I will post pictures soon…I should probably capture it on film now, since I know this is the most organized it will ever be!

It’s been a big, busy 4 weeks since I last blogged, so without further ado, here’s what we’ve been up to…

Baby Stats:  On Monday, we went for an ultrasound to find out McBaby’s current weight/measurements and get a guess on his birth weight!  Turns out, I’m growing a chunky babe!  My baby boy is a whopping 7 lbs, 14 oz at 36 weeks…ALMOST 8 LBS ALREADY!  The doctor told us he’s above the 90th percentile all over, even in length, which makes sense why I feel him so low, yet under my ribs at the same time. Poor little guy doesn’t have much room!

I was shocked, even though I knew the chances were high that I’d have a big baby because:

1.) Brad was nearly 10 lbs when he was born.

2.) I was over 8 lbs lbs when I was born.

3.) He’s been measuring big all along!

However, I think I was in denial and it became VERY REAL then.  I feel like as soon as I heard “projected birth weight of 9 to 10 lbs,” I journeyed into my own little haze-filled world and didn’t hear a thing the doctor said from that point on.  Brad and I left the doctor’s office both excited and nervous; especially knowing there’s a chance he could come early and we may be parents before we know it. Brad looked at me and said, “We really need to decide on a name!”  And he couldn’t be more right. It’s crunch time!

Maternity clothes?  Here’s a story for you:  I was so proud when I put on my non-maternity turquoise skinny jeans the other day with a belly band and they fit perfectly.  However, I soon found myself in “Tight Pants Hell.”  Those damn pants pushed up on my giant belly when I was sitting, and they literally HURT (McBaby was none-too-pleased with my fashion choice, as I’m sure he really has no room to spare in there).  A few hours in, I was so miserable that I seriously considered taking my pants off in public.  So from here on out, it’s stretch pants and maxi-skirts/dresses for me. Screw real pants…I always knew they were over-rated.


Original Image

Stretch marks? I can’t even tell anymore. My stomach is so stretched out, I can’t imagine getting out of this without some battle scars. 😉

Sleep:  Between bathroom trips, hip pain, and charlie horses, the ZZZZ’s are hard to come by. I have taken over our bed, thanks to my giant body pillow and a memory foam mattress pad that I literally stole from my mother-in-law’s guest bed after I discovered that it helped my hip pain. Brad’s doing everything in his power to keep me comfortable and worries about me constantly…poor guy.  😉


Original Image

Top moment(s) of the week: Seeing McBaby’s face yesterday in the ultrasound!  I could see his plump little cheek, perfect little nose, and sweet mouth. He was even smacking his lips and sticking out his tongue. 🙂

This may be tough to see, but this is his face straight on. That’s his forehead to the right, mouth and nose, and plump little cheek facing up. It’s so weird to me that there’s a full-grown baby in there…I mean, there’s his FACE!  Can you see it?  It’s like one of those “Magic Eye” photos…once you see it, it’s very clear. But your eyes kind of cross until your brain can process what you’re looking at. 🙂


Worst moment of the week:  Last Saturday morning, when an aching back and charlie horses/shin splints had me pretty miserable. Luckily, conditions improved as the day progressed, and seem to be getting better every day this week.

What I’m missing? Being able to breathe again! I get winded just from standing!  I was on the phone while walking up the stairs to my office the other day, and had to stop talking to catch my breath.


Original Image

Movement: Baby’s movements have gone from little pokes and kicks, to BIG nudges and waves. I can see my whole stomach moving…it’s crazy!

Food cravings: I’m back to craving fruit, which is a good thing. My cousin, as if reading my mind, sent me a surprise gift of these delectable chocolate covered apples. I literally SCREAMED when I opened the box. Here’s a hint: If you ever want to make a preggo’s day, give her fruit dipped in chocolate and toffee! 😉


Anything making you queasy or sick: Just my too-tight pants!  🙂

Bump Photos:  Here I am, in all of my big bellied glory! 😉


Belly button in or out:  It’s pretty much flush at this point. We’ll call it “barely” in.

Who knew… that I could feel so much love for a nameless, faceless little person (although, hopefully not nameless for long)!

…or that I could fall even more in love with my husband (whom I was already so crazy about to begin with).  He is so sweet and so involved; he tells me how cute I look.  He asks how “his baby is doing?”  He spends hours putting together baby gear.  He does laundry.  He grocery shops.  He’s made me dinner 3 of 4 nights this week.  He does everything he can to make me more comfortable…it’s amazing. IT. MELTS. MY. HEART.

…or finally, that I would turn into such a SAP during pregnancy. I would have rolled my eyes at this blog post a few years ago…and now look at me!  😉

Looking forward to:  Meeting my baby boy. I seriously CAN’T wait!



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