The Bump Report – McBaby I – 17 Weeks

How far along? 17ish weeks! McBaby is the size of an onion!

Total weight gain/loss: I don’t know…I haven’t weighed myself in the last few days. At the doctor last week I was exactly the same.

Maternity clothes? I don’t NEED to wear them yet…my regular clothes fit fine. However, my beloved friend, Jen, sent me all of her maternity clothes and I’ve worn a few of the shirts because they’re so darn cute! Also, I wore a pair of those jeans with the elastic band yesterday and decided they will be a new wardrobe staple (not just during pregnancy but for the rest of my life).

Stretch marks? No. I drown myself in cocoa butter daily.

Sleep:  Sleep is good, though I wake up at around 4 AM every morning for no reason. Not sure what that’s about…

Top moment of the week:  Nothing overly exciting, but I bought McBaby the cutest little gray hoodie from Zulily this week! 😉 Seriously…how cute is this?!

What I’m missing? Ahi tuna. I went out last week with Brad, Sara and Canaan, and they ALL ordered ahi tuna. It was torture! 😉

Movement: I don’t think so, though I don’t know if I’d recognize it if I did feel it. I think it will happen in the next few weeks. 🙂

Food cravings: Strangely…Papa Johns pizza. It’s so weird…it’s not all pizza, just Papa Johns. More specifically, I want the crust to dip in garlic butter. YUM.

Anything making you queasy or sick:  Some foods but it’s completely random and ever changing. I still hate the idea of Pad Thai…a bad experience during early pregnancy is to blame.

Showing yet:  A little bit of a bump. 🙂 If you know I’m prego, you can see it. If you don’t…well you just think I’m fat.

This is me…but at 16ish weeks. Brad’s been gone all week, so I had to self-portrait! 😉

Happy or Moody most of the time:  Happy!  🙂

Who knew?! I learned this week that you’re not supposed to lie on your back after 20 weeks. Well you can, but you’ll get lightheaded. Apparently it puts pressure on some vein which pumps blood to your brain. Holy crap…who knew?!

Looking forward to: Feeling him move! And seeing him again at my 20 week ultrasound! And getting his new sweatshirt. And starting on his nursery. So many things! 😉

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